Andy P. Shulick established Metamorphosis Management Consulting, LLC firm in 2004

MetAmorPhoSis Services

Our services cover a wide variety of situations and specific company needs.

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General Services - Is This Possibly Your Situation?

Small Business Services - Are you controlling your business or is your business controlling you?

Manufacturing Services - What is stealing your profits?

General Services
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Is This Possibly Your Situation?

In today’s fast pace, ever changing, business world, it is very difficult to find the time to analyze and address all issues that affect the success and profitability of a modern business. To staff all of the expertise creates a long term financial commitment and a possible unfavorable short-term ROI which reduces profits. Thus, contracting services to perform specific tasks provides the most cost effective solution to obtaining real-time, expert advice for rapid decision making and flexibility in addressing today’s rapidly changing business environment and associated needs.

Your path to your future dreams and goals will be addressed via four avenues:

Personnel Potential & Passion (PPP)
Organizational Effectiveness (OE)
Operational Process Efficiency (OPE)
Project Management Leadership (PML)

You have the choice of addressing specific areas, combinations, or implementing a total solution. This will allow you to develop your strategic future plans that will provide the path for your transformation to success.

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Small Business Services (print details for Small Business Services- PDF)

Are you controlling your business or is your business controlling you?

There is no absolute answer to the above question. In order to survive and grow, there must be a mixture of both in today’s business environment. The real problem is determining when to use each segment to produce positive results. This is where Metamorphosis Management Consulting (MMC) can assist you in keeping an open mind which will enable you to leverage the positive aspects of both directions at the proper time.

Does your company need to experience change?

Where are you today? Where do you want to be tomorrow? How can you get there? What will it take to make the leap? How can continuous success be achieved?

It is at your finger tips! You just have to do some forward thinking and then implement the new strategy using a well defined transformation plan. A company without “planned change” is a dying company. Thus, the areas of Management, Manpower, Machinery, Materials, Methods, and Money require an assessment of integration to maximize positive results. Success comes from sound Situational Analysis, Planning, Design, Implementation, Results Assessment, Change Control, Continuous Improvement, and Knowledge Management.

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Manufacturing Services
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What is stealing your profits?

Are there areas in your firm that are draining your profits away? To name a few:

  • Low utilization of machinery and manpower
  • Inconsistency in direct materials
  • Lack of measurement, controls, and continuous improvement
  • Lack of Change control
  • Lack of proper Knowledge Management
  • Improper production alignment with strategic goals
  • Inadequate control/coordination of the budget and cash flow processes

The preceding items are just a few of the many items that must be constantly addressed with respect to:

  • Management
  • Manpower
  • Machinery
  • Materials
  • Methods
  • Money

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